We at Ashes n Gems create custom designed jewellery in which cremation ashes of your loved ones are fused so that they stay together with you forever.

Keep precious memories of your loved ones in form of jewellery which will remain with you forever.

At Ashes n Gems we offer cremation ashes jewellery in a wide range of style selections, stones and prices, as we try to include all budgets.

Upon receiving your order & the arrival of your loved ones ashes,of which only a small amount approximately 1/2 to 1 teaspoon depending on the size of the gem chosen is needed, any left over ashes will be returned with the finished gem pendant. Our jeweller will make the gold backing to fit the chosen gem & will then with the upmost respect place the loved ones ashes into the gold backing place the gem in place then go onto sealing the gem in place, the following day it is again sealed in a special formula sealant as not to let any moisture get into the ashes. The pendant together with any remaining ashes will be returned to yourself via recorded delivery.